Changing to a vegan lifestyle isn’t for everyone. It takes determination and willpower to both decide to make the change and then to stick to it after you do.

But, there are a lot of pros to making the choice. Here are some of them. 

3 Pros for Living a Vegan Lifestyle

The cons of switching to a more restrictive lifestyle are obvious. You can’t go around using and eating anything you want without concern for the damage you leave in your wake. There are pros too, so give them serious though before you turn up your nose and dismiss the idea.

It’s Healthier for You 

While many people switch to living a vegan lifestyle do so because of their moral beliefs, it doesn’t mean they don’t personally benefit from it as well. One of the bigger personal benefits is that it’s better for your health.

Since vegans are extremely concerned about not only the type of food they eat but the sourcing of the food they eat, they limit the amount of harmful additives that enter their bodies. Focusing on meat-free foods that are treating with care naturally means you are fueling your body with only the nutrients it needs. You are leaving out all the garbage. 

Think About Your Children

If you have or someday want children, your switch to veganism is beneficial to them as well. Every single product you use has some sort of effect on the Earth. And, since we all share the planet, That means whatever you use affects all of us, including your children.

For instance, many popular consumer products are packed full of harmful chemicals. When you buy a leading brand’s shampoo and use, where you do think those chemicals go after you wash them out of your hair? They go down the drain and into the water supply and ground.

However, if you switch to a vegan shampoo that only uses cruelty-free natural ingredients, you aren’t contributing to that problem.

It Can Save You Money

Believe it or not, living as a vegan can be cheaper than living as a non-vegan. One of the biggest reasons for this is actually your diet.

Meat is one of the most expensive food groups there is. When you cut out all forms of meat from your diet, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars a month.

If you take your change to the far extreme end of things and decide to minimize your use of gasoline, just image the saving your can have. You will spend more time on a bike or using buses, so you won’t have to have an expensive car, and you won’t have to pay for gas all the time.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up driving all together, but by minimize how much you do, you can save thousands of dollars a year.


It’s true that deciding to become a vegan is going to take a bit of a sacrifice. It’s not something everyone will be able to handle. But, there are plenty of pros as well, both personal and for your loved ones that make it worthwhile.