When you are considering trading countries, and even more, trading continents, there are many decisions that you need to make. It can be both exciting and overwhelming but if you do it properly, it can benefit your life in a great way. People move for many reasons but the most common reason to leave your hometown is your career. So, if you are an American who just got offered a job shipping products from China back to the USA, be ready for an intense and exciting adventure!

Leaving Seattle, just like leaving any other American city requires some preparation. Make sure to leave your affairs in place, pay your taxes and put your goods in storage if you can’t deposit them at a friend’s house. You want to do all that so that you have a life to come back to whenever you need to do so.

After you arranged your American life and set your mind at ease, it is time to prepare your new adventure. If you are going to Chengdu, it can be a good idea to be informed about the local Chinese culture, which is a very developed one. Spicy chillies and peppercorns are specific for Chengdu and noodles are some of their traditional specialties. Tea houses and bars are everywhere so you will have many ways to enjoy your free time after working hours while you are in this city and people are extremely welcoming. Only good news for you so far but there is even more.

To get familiar with Chengdu’s culture and history you can visit its interesting touristic points such as the Hanlin Painting Academy which was the earliest royal academy in China. Also, if you don’t know how to play Mahjong, you’d better learn! Because it is a tradition in Chengdu for people who meet after work at someone’s house or at a preferred tea house and spend their time playing this game. Some even play on money, but you might lose more than you win to begin with because Chinese people are experts when it comes to Mahjong.

International shipping is an industry that keeps growing on the Chinese market and you need to adapt to its fast pace if you are about to be part of it. You will work a lot to meet the expectations that Chinese have but you will also have plenty of satisfactions at your job and outside of it. Chinese people are some of the hardest workers on the planet but they sure know how to enjoy their free time and party the right way!

While you are in Chengdu, leave your expectations at home and enjoy the ride with the locals! They will teach you the best places to go at and the most popular activities. But they will also make sure to enlighten you into their rich language which might be a little tricky to master. You are lucky, though, because most Chinese people are very familiar with English so you will have no problem communicating with them. Enjoy your new adventure and keep an open mind to see the best parts of the Chinese culture!