I think that many amateur athletes never discuss and the difficulties in keeping themselves afloat financially. As someone who spends most of their free time training, that means you don’t spend nearly as much time on your professional life.

Many amateur athletes don’t even have a full-time job. They work a lot of seasonal work where they may work through the summer and then take off in the fall and maybe work in the winter and take off in the spring. Or, they do a lot of part-time jobs where they only work a few hours per week so they have time to train but can still pay rent and buy food.

However, as we get older we have more responsibilities. That means we need to make more money. Sometimes this leaves us to have to spend a little more time and attention on our jobs in a bit less on our training.

Get a Real Job

Sadly, the truth is that if he wants to make any kind of sustainable income as an amateur for your new easiest and most clear path is giving an actual job. That doesn’t mean pick up a couple hours waiting tables every week or spending a couple weeks at a summer camp as a counselor. It means get a job even if it’s a low scale want.

For me unfortunately due to the lack of experience I have I ended up deciding on taking a position as a cashier at a local convenience store. It doesn’t pay a lot but it does pay regularly. And, it’s a constant flow of income and not something that is sporadic.

It was a bit embarrassing when I first applied I didn’t even have a resume. I actually had to find an online site that had a resume sample for cashiers that I could use to help me make my own. But, it did the job helping me get a job.

Get a Sponsor

Either way certain and with your athletes make a living is through sponsorship. Though this is much better generally speaking then getting a job, it’s also much more difficult and not all that common.

A sponsor can be an individual who believes in your ability or a business that feels that your talents will get them a fair amount of exposure. This individual or business then give you financial support so you can spend most of your time training instead of having to split your time between training and working.

The reality though is this is very rare as most sponsorship opportunities come to those who are at least in some kind of semi professional situation.

Make That Paper

No matter what situation you are and you still need to make money somehow. Chances are a sponsorship if not in the future. Therefore like me most of us will have to get a job.

Working a 9 - 5 is not something that I enjoy and have a good chance you will not enjoy it either. However, having some money in your pocket allows for a much less stressful lifestyle so though your training hours are limited you can give them you're undivided attention